CGC 1D1-10 Cultural Connections Test Review

CHAPTER 16: Demography – The Study of Population

  • Demography -Population growth rate -Immigration and Emigration rates
  • Doubling time -Population pyramid -Interprovincial migration
  • How can changes in a country’s population growth rate be identified and calculated?
  • How does the dependency load affect a society?
  • What do current population trends suggest about the future of Canada’s population?

CHAPTER 17: Canada’s Aboriginal Population

  • First Nations -Reserves -Self- government -Assimilate
  • In what ways did the treaty-making processes of the past fail to meet the needs of the First Nations?
  • What is the difference between a comprehensive and specific land claim?

CHAPTER 18: Immigration

  • Multicultural -Refugee -Economic and Family Immigrants
  • Push and Pull factors
  • What patterns can be identified in Canada’s immigration history?
  • How does Canada’s current immigration system work?
  • Why do people leave their country (emigrate) to live in another country (immigrate)?

CHAPTER 19: Rural Settlement Patterns

  • Rural vs. Urban -Economic base -Population distribution and density
  • What factors affect settlement patterns?
  • What role do survey systems play in determining rural settlement patterns?
  • Long lots, Concession system and Section system
  • Why did scattered settlements develop?

CHAPTER 20: Urban Settlement Patterns

  • Urbanization -5 kinds of urban places -Basic and non-Basic industry
  • Central place theory -High / Middle and Low-order goods
  • What factors influence the location and growth of urban centres?
  • What is the relationship between urban centres and hinterlands?
  • In what ways do urban places differ from one another?

CHAPTER 21: Urban Land Use

  • Big-box store -Greenbelt -Zoning
  • Residential density -Smart growth -Winter-city concept
  • What are the principal types of urban land use?
  • What factors affect land-use patterns?
  • In what ways does urban land expansion affect the surrounding countryside?